To put it bluntly:
 I’m not certain children are in the cards for me.
I’m already 30 and still haven’t felt that maternal pull most women feel.
Trust me, I’ve been waiting for it. But nothing. Sure, I see a baby and wonder..
But wondering and pondering is about where it ends.
My personal opinion is that all women should at least have one child. One child to love, which will return the love.
But here’s the funny part; regardless of my own personal opinion…
I’m still not sure I want to take that leap.
Maybe motherhood is not for all women. Just because all my friends are having kids, doesn’t mean I have to as well. I want to do what is best for me, not others or society.
I’m not going to bring a child into this world just for the hell of it. Personally, I think that is more selfish than those who openly admit that they are too selfish to have kids. Having children shouldn’t be a ‘sure, why not?’ thing.
I’m writing about this because it has been on my mind for over a year; yet my feelings remain mixed.
Really hoping for some sort of clarity, because when I am unsure of something I usually do nothing…until a sign gives me the confidence I need to take the next step.

[WUW 9.28.16]

Another loooong overdue post by me (shocker). Today I’m going to link up with Shay Shull for What’s up Wednesday 🙂 

1. What we’re eating this week.
Monday – Hamburgers with veggies
Tuesday – Honey Nut Cheerios (after a long day at jury duty)
Wednesday – Acai bowls!
Thursday – Baked chicken with asparagus
Friday – Lasagna + salad

2. What I’m reminiscing about.
Thanksgiving + Christmas 2015.
For real!
We had the best time enjoying family during last year’s holidays. It makes me really look forward to the upcoming holidays in a couple months.

3. What I’m loving.
Almond butter. It’s delicious with apples, on toast or solo on a spoon for a snack.

4.What we’ve been up to.
Besides the usual working, exercising and balance…we are still home hunting 🙂 We think we may have found a townhome in RB! It doesn’t have everything on our wish lists, but almost 😉 Will keep you updated!!

5. What I’m dreading.
The financial burden of moving; on top of the actual moving part 😉

6. What I’m working on.
I’m trying so hard to be more organized. Planning dinners on Sunday night before grocery shopping.
Lots of projects at work too!

7. What I’m excited about.
Colby’s birthday on October 4th! Followed by our 2 year anniversary on October 10th.
I have a little surprise for him this Saturday night, which I can’t wait for. It’s nothing huge, but its something I know he will love 🙂

8. What I’m watching/reading.
We’ve been watching Big Brother 16, Narcos, Private Practice and Frasier. Total creatures of habit 🙂

Besides reading magazines, I am not reading a book right now. Honestly, I’m not a big reader when I don’t force myself to actually buy a book and get hooked.

9. What I’m listening to.
Besides jazz music, we’ve been putting on the ‘fireplace for your home’ on Netflix. Its so nice because you can have a crackling (visual) fire, fire (with music) or both! I put it on when we get home for when we are cooking dinner. It totally makes it feel like Fall, even though its 89 degrees today.

10. What I’m wearing.
Regardless of the heat, I’ve still been wearing jeans with dressy shirts. Our office keeps the A/C on all day, so its 65 degrees and ultimately, I freeze. At home, I’m either in workout attire or comfy yoga pants with a sweater.

11. What I’m doing this weekend.
On Friday, we are going over to my uncles house for dinner. We are watching their house while they go to Italy for 3 weeks. We are having lasagna, salad, bread and wine. Hence, I’m fasting this week.
Saturday night, we are celebrating Colby’s birthday. That’s really all I can say because he reads this blog and I don’t want to ruin the surprise 🙂
Sunday will be grocery shopping and preparing for the work week.
12. What I’m looking forward to next month.
(most likely).
 There is still a chance we may stay and just renew. But we are both SO ready for a change.
October Birthdays:
10/4 Colby
10/17 Daddio
10/30 Jamie
13. What else is new.
I just received my HUGE 14 month planner from Plum Paper. It is seriously adorable, but massive. I’m going to have to get used to it, that’s for dang sure! I loved the idea of getting super organized with meal planning add-ons, weekly breakouts and heck; its a gorgeous planner.
Gotta run; until next time! xo


[Starbucks Snobs]

I’ve never understood the ‘SB Snobs’ (as I used to call them) while rolling my eyes. You’ve seen them; it takes them about 20 seconds to order their ‘specialty’ drink – even adding their preferred beverage temperature.
Well, I’m one of them now 🙂
Except it takes me 4 seconds to order it lol.
I’ll have a tall iced vanilla sweet cream in grande cup with extra ice and extra sweet cream, please.
Obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover it. The above is my order at Starbucks and its getting out of hand.
Life lately is in the form of pictures this week because I’m swamped at work 😉
You’ll forgive me xo
My treat!
Pink florals next to a girlfriends birthday present 🙂
Apparently The Coffee Bean can run parallel next to Starbucks 😉
A cloudy day last week 9.26.16
Another favorite sweet cream.
Have you tried Rumchata? Its seriously delicious but seriously fattening.



Today I’ve had an annoying case of the BLAHs. I feel unmotivated and tired (yawn). Do you ever have one of those days? The days where nothing horrible OR amazing happens – it just IS… and its boring to be honest.  I would guess a lot of people have days similar to my day today. #snore

Even though I felt like I was in slo-mo today, I still accomplished life on a blah day:

I’m proud of myself (and happy) today because:

  • I drank four 17oz bottles of water today. That’s 68oz of water, people! Go me.
  • My pee was clear by noon 🙂 #thankstowater #gross #stillproud
  • I completed my goals of tasks to get done at work today.
  • Even though I am dog tired, I will still force myself to exercise tonight after work. #shit
  • After exercising tonight, we get to watch Big Brother over dinner. To say we are obsessed is an understatement. Go Nicole! 😉 #girlpower
  • I reached out to a friend (last night) who thanked me (today via text) for continuously following up with her. We made lunch plans for this Friday 🙂

I am bummed today because:

  • I picked almost all my mascara off by noon. Not a cute look.
  • Apple didn’t release dark mode on the ios10 software update. I was looking forward to an idea since June, that was never released.
  • My gel polish started lifting today 😦
  • Moving is going to be freaking expensive. It’s starting to sink in how much $ is required to move with 2 rents and a deposit.
  • I hate the shirt I’m wearing today. Its 2 sizes too big, extremely long and looks weird. Why do I even keep this thing? (Watch me keep it then continue to wear it for years to come).
  • I took the time to straighten my hair this morning, but then wore it up in a bun all day long. WTF Courtney? 

Today is proof that blah days aren’t all bad, but they’re not overly special either. I am still grateful for today, even if it is a little boring 😉


    Hello! Seriously, how sad is it that today is September 13th; and this entry is my first post of the month. I’m obviously failing at my inner desire/goal to blog daily.
    Today’s entry will cover some Life Lately and Gratitude 🙂
    Life lately has been fun! I have won my recent Small Claims trials, including the one I thought was hopeless. (See What I’m Dreading section). I 100% thought I’d have another loss under my Small Claims belt, so that win was a nice surprise.
    Apple released all of their goodies re: software and + hardware for iPhone and iWatch 🙂 I’m having a ball with all the new features. #AppleNerd
    I’m still obsessed with Netker’s acai bowls. Sure, they are pricey but worth it in my opinion 🙂
    On a gratitude journal note…(it’s been a while)
    This man, I am grateful for.
    He makes our world a happy, positive and uplifting place together. I will never know what I did to deserve him 🙂
    Today (and yesterday) it has been mysteriously cloudy. AND COLD! Its usually still 90+ degrees in September, so the past couple days have been nice 🙂 I enjoy working and looking out my window to see dark skies and clouds. It’s my preferred sky, along with rain (while working).
    Our house hunting situation is just that…hunting 🙂 We are trying to keep an open mind while not breaking the bank on rent or gas. I’m a firm believer if we are meant to move, the best place (for us) will become available.
    2016 is almost over. Our world is constantly changing around us but this blog remains my oasis for thoughts, memories and of course (venting) lol.
    Until next time xo