Hello! Seriously, how sad is it that today is September 13th; and this entry is my first post of the month. I’m obviously failing at my inner desire/goal to blog daily.
Today’s entry will cover some Life Lately and Gratitude 🙂
Life lately has been fun! I have won my recent Small Claims trials, including the one I thought was hopeless. (See What I’m Dreading section). I 100% thought I’d have another loss under my Small Claims belt, so that win was a nice surprise.
Apple released all of their goodies re: software and + hardware for iPhone and iWatch 🙂 I’m having a ball with all the new features. #AppleNerd
I’m still obsessed with Netker’s acai bowls. Sure, they are pricey but worth it in my opinion 🙂
On a gratitude journal note…(it’s been a while)
This man, I am grateful for.
He makes our world a happy, positive and uplifting place together. I will never know what I did to deserve him 🙂
Today (and yesterday) it has been mysteriously cloudy. AND COLD! Its usually still 90+ degrees in September, so the past couple days have been nice 🙂 I enjoy working and looking out my window to see dark skies and clouds. It’s my preferred sky, along with rain (while working).
Our house hunting situation is just that…hunting 🙂 We are trying to keep an open mind while not breaking the bank on rent or gas. I’m a firm believer if we are meant to move, the best place (for us) will become available.
2016 is almost over. Our world is constantly changing around us but this blog remains my oasis for thoughts, memories and of course (venting) lol.
Until next time xo

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