Today I’ve had an annoying case of the BLAHs. I feel unmotivated and tired (yawn). Do you ever have one of those days? The days where nothing horrible OR amazing happens – it just IS… and its boring to be honest.  I would guess a lot of people have days similar to my day today. #snore

Even though I felt like I was in slo-mo today, I still accomplished life on a blah day:

I’m proud of myself (and happy) today because:

  • I drank four 17oz bottles of water today. That’s 68oz of water, people! Go me.
  • My pee was clear by noon 🙂 #thankstowater #gross #stillproud
  • I completed my goals of tasks to get done at work today.
  • Even though I am dog tired, I will still force myself to exercise tonight after work. #shit
  • After exercising tonight, we get to watch Big Brother over dinner. To say we are obsessed is an understatement. Go Nicole! 😉 #girlpower
  • I reached out to a friend (last night) who thanked me (today via text) for continuously following up with her. We made lunch plans for this Friday 🙂

I am bummed today because:

  • I picked almost all my mascara off by noon. Not a cute look.
  • Apple didn’t release dark mode on the ios10 software update. I was looking forward to an idea since June, that was never released.
  • My gel polish started lifting today 😦
  • Moving is going to be freaking expensive. It’s starting to sink in how much $ is required to move with 2 rents and a deposit.
  • I hate the shirt I’m wearing today. Its 2 sizes too big, extremely long and looks weird. Why do I even keep this thing? (Watch me keep it then continue to wear it for years to come).
  • I took the time to straighten my hair this morning, but then wore it up in a bun all day long. WTF Courtney? 

Today is proof that blah days aren’t all bad, but they’re not overly special either. I am still grateful for today, even if it is a little boring 😉


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