[Starbucks Snobs]

I’ve never understood the ‘SB Snobs’ (as I used to call them) while rolling my eyes. You’ve seen them; it takes them about 20 seconds to order their ‘specialty’ drink – even adding their preferred beverage temperature.
Well, I’m one of them now 🙂
Except it takes me 4 seconds to order it lol.
I’ll have a tall iced vanilla sweet cream in grande cup with extra ice and extra sweet cream, please.
Obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover it. The above is my order at Starbucks and its getting out of hand.
Life lately is in the form of pictures this week because I’m swamped at work 😉
You’ll forgive me xo
My treat!
Pink florals next to a girlfriends birthday present 🙂
Apparently The Coffee Bean can run parallel next to Starbucks 😉
A cloudy day last week 9.26.16
Another favorite sweet cream.
Have you tried Rumchata? Its seriously delicious but seriously fattening.



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