[Two Year Anniversary]

Sorry, but this is going to be a mushy lovey post because yesterday was our 2 year anniversary!
We took the above picture on Friday night at El Comal, while celebrating C’s birthday with my mom and stepdad.
I keep looking at this picture because I look really happy in it 🙂
And the truth is, I FEEL truly happy.
My life is not perfect, but its imperfectly perfect. Throughout the ups and downs of everyday life, I really am a happy woman. This man loves me more than the world. His love makes me a better person.
I had a vision of how I wanted our ‘anniversary pic’ to look. You’d think heart shaped hands with a pretty sky background would be a quick pic, but no.
We struggled (and laughed) on the sidewalk of a random area I pointed to because ‘the lighting looked perfect’ lol. People walking their dogs passed us while we were so obviously taking a ‘lovebird’ picture. We were tired (after work) and annoyed that Zodi continuously barked at us from inside the car. Regardless of drinking tons of water at work, my head hurt. I realized I was starving but really wanted this picture, which I’m sure I built up in my imagination all day.
C was patient with me and we finally got the picture:
This text convo (from yesterday) makes me giggle and warms my heart. We work, live, eat, sleep and play together yet we still send ‘I miss you’ texts to each other 🙂
I have finally found my person and couldn’t be happier or more blessed!
xo cmm


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