[lungs vs. muscles]

Happy happy FRIDAY!

Omg I am so stinking excited the weekend is finally here!

Ok so I have to blog about what happened to me a couple days ago when I was running. Its been a couple of months since I ran (due Summer’s heat), but when clouds consumed our sky; I had to take advantage.

The best running conditions 😉

I ran my normal route around our neighborhood, which is slightly over 3 miles. I felt great the whole run but noticed my calves, thighs and hamstring muscles were burning. By 1.5 miles in, I knew I was in trouble but decided to press on and finish the run. Out of frustration, I told myself to stop being such a baby.

Stretching before and afterwards didn’t give me any credit. As the hours passed, my muscles grew sorer and sorer.

I’ve been exercising on my elliptical at home (practically daily) all Summer, which kept my lungs strong. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that an elliptical is a completely different workout than actually running. My lungs sang while my muscles screamed.

Regardless of my aching body, I still got some memory pictures out of my run.

A beautiful scenery for a run

My traditional ‘post run’ picture

 My feelings towards running consist of a love and hate. I’m grateful I GET to run (even though its really, very difficult). I’ll be stretching, rolling and icing my muscles for the next few days.

Until next time xo cmm


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