[TGI weekend]

I left work Friday with a debilitating headache, which I’m about 95% sure was due to not drinking enough water. We picked Zodi up from daycamp (along with sushi to-go) and were home by 6pm. I immediately went upstairs, changed into comfies and crawled into bed. C was amazing (as usual) and brought our dinner upstairs while we watched movies. It was quite fun, actually. Friday night? CHECK. Dinner? CHECK. Babe and pup? CHECK CHECK. After relaxing and food, my head felt better.

…Better enough to go on a run Saturday morning 🙂 With our new move to Scripps Ranch also means new running routes that are beautiful yet packed with hills. (Lucky me).

I enjoyed a challenging (but much needed) run. Side note: I saw a shirt on Etsy last week that said: ‘RUNNING SUCKS the evil out of me’ which made me laugh! I will literally be in the worst mood ever, go on a run and come back happy, positive and refreshed.

One of my favorite running shirts: Netflix & Treadmill 🙂


View of Scripps Ranch

The rest of Saturday consisted of chores, some down time with my mom and a Costco run. After watching TV on a 30″ screen in our apartment, we realized how much bigger our master bedroom is due to how much smaller our TV looked. We upgraded to a 48″ for our master, which C mounted on the wall last night.  Afterwards, we went for a frozen yogurt treat and watched a movie in bed before getting sleep.

A big thank you to my momma who came with us so we could reap the benefit of her company….and her Costco card 🙂

Watching The Green Mile on our *much larger* TV

Sunday, we will focus on the garage, yard and guest room. We’ll also go grocery shopping. This weekend has been a good one and I’m really sad to see it go. xo.


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