[bean & cheese]


Oh my flipping flap! We spontaneously went to Taco Bell tonight for dinner, (after realizing we forgot to take chicken out of the freezer this morning before heading to work). I was kind of nervous to indulge for dinner, especially TACO BELL of all places…but then it hit me..

We haven’t been to TB since February 2015. It’s been almost a year! (Side Note: I remember this because we went to Taco Bell after buying our brand new mattress/bed – which was a big, exciting decision for us). We are good with our diet 90% of the time (seriously) – so why not indulge every once in a while?

Tonight, I ordered a bean and cheese burrito- (hold the red sauce + onions) AND a tostada. They were both delicious. I fully enjoyed every single bite  (in the passenger seat of our car) down to the last crumb. #FatKid #AtHeart

As I sit here (3+ hours post consumption), there are calorie addition math problems running through my head.  (I’ll be honest). AND I have had horrible gas- practically hitting me the second I inhaled the mexican deliciousness….BUT I’m still proud of myself for letting loose a little. I KNOW the scale will go up tomorrow. I KNOW these gas cramps will be with me all night. And I KNOW I deserved a cheat meal 🙂



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