[15 minutes of panic]

They say you can tell a lot about a person in a crisis; their initial reaction followed by how they proceed to handle the emergency. I often wondered how I fell into that category, but knew in my core that one day, I’d find out.

That day arrived on Friday, December 9, 2016. Colby’s mom (Robin) was in town to visit (and attend) our work holiday party, which was being held at the Carlsbad Aviara. About 20 minutes before we had to begin getting ready, Colby was showing Robin the yard of our new home. I needed a shower, so I told them I would skip the outdoor tour. As they headed out the front door, I noticed they were joined by Zodi but honestly didn’t think much of it! Our backyard has a barred black gate that we keep closed practically 100% of the time.

Several minutes pass, (I’m upstairs in our master bedroom) when I faintly hear whistling- the kind of whistling where dogs come running. My initital thoughts are, Why are they whistling?! Next, I hear calls for Zodi from both Colby and Robin. It instantly hits me:

they are searching for her because they can’t find her. 

This is where it gets blurry. I slowly start to walk out of the master bedroom, down the stairs then towards the front door. As I’m walking in incredibly slow motion, I can hear the continued, verbal search for Zodi outside. I stopped at the front door- eyes fixated on the door handle because at this point, I have no proof of what’s going on. I’m purely guessing based on what I’ve heard thus far.

I opened the front door and walked outside to a glimpse of life without Zodi. Colby told me Zodi squeezed through the black gate, therefore she is running around the neighborhood somewhere. I could tell he was trying to stay calm, but his eyes were worried. I immediately checked the backyard again (just to be sure) then went inside to get her food container. As I walked back inside, through the kitchen and into the pantry, I was in a daze but still had purpose. I wanted to find my girl. My current task at hand was to look for Zodi- no matter how long it took. Living near a canyon filled with coyotes, anything was possible.

I made it outside with Zodi’s food- shaking it loud enough for her to (hopefully) hear. Robin and Colby were searching within our neighborhood, so I turned the other way- towards the busy main road and canyon.

Our 15 minute search felt like an hour. I was really starting to get upset. As I looked back towards our neighborhood, Robin and I locked eyes. I started walking towards her with stinging eyes- tears were near. I embraced her, kept calm then noticed Colby turn the corner with Zodi in his arms.

What a relief to see my girl safe and sound. She was in the neighbors yard smelling flowers? She wasn’t coming when called? So many factors that raise red flags but above all, we are buying chicken wire for that gate this weekend. We know we are lucky to have a happy ending to this story. Never in my life have I felt such panic. It was also nice to know I was proactive in helping Robin and Colby versus freezing with fear.

We love our pup so much and are incredibly thankful she is save with us 🙂


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