Ok so my last post about our holidays was happy, cheery and positive. But after re-reading my words, I realized I didn’t keep it as real as I had planned. And that’s something that means a lot to me (in regards to this blog). Life isn’t always peachy and I’m not trying pretend or reflect that it is. So here we go:

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the entire year. There is something that feels extra special about our tradition- which consists of going to my mom’s house on Xmas Eve. For YEARS it’s been the same group of family that make for an intimate, memorable and overall enjoyable night. This group includes Mom, Jim, my brothers, Auntie Rose, Uncle Ron, Aunt Laura and Uncle John. (And of course Colby and me).

But this past Christmas Eve, a few of my moms friends were invited which completely changed the dynamic of the evening. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely adore her friends! But honestly- it was too much (for me as an introvert). The house was louder and crowded than what we were used to for CHRISTMAS EVE.

Several times throughout the night, Colby gave me a sweet hug (and wink) because he knew I was uncomfortable. I wasn’t prepared for how loud it was there. Going to grab an appetizer from the kitchen was like squeezing through a crowded mall during Christmas season. My senses were over-stimulated. As an introvert, it was rough. Eventually, I was able to take some deep breaths and accept the fact that this Christmas Eve 2016 was just a little different this year, which is OK. Of course it was still special!!! I’m not trying to take away from my mom’s hosting skills, or her friends who joined in on the festivities.

I want to mention that I am completely aware of the fact that my mom reads my blog. But #1) she knows that I’m an introvert and #2) this blog is my area to vent, piss, moan and complain 🙂  I had no problem telling her my opinion as well, so this post shouldn’t be too big of a shock when she does read it 😉 Love you mom! Thank you for understanding xo

All in all, I was grateful for a wonderful holiday with family and friends. But sometimes the way events unfold aren’t the same as how we imagined them. Sometimes they are better and sometimes they aren’t. And that’s all just a part of LIFE.

Until next time! xo cmm


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