[topics I avoid]

Back in 2008, I was working as the receptionist for a defense contracting company that provided personnel on proposals to the Government. I had freshly graduated college and knew very little about working in an office.

I met a co-worker who had been working for the company for 3+ years. She and I instantly became friends and she later became my supervisor in the Contracts Department. We clicked; almost like sisters- it was easy and fun to be around her because we had so much in common. We literally had the same viewpoints and opinions on everything….so I thought.

Prior to the 2008 President elect, she and I had never discussed our voting preferences in regards to POTUS or any Propositions. There wasn’t really a need to do so. UNTIL- the day of the 2008 election, I watched as she frantically packed her things into her purse. Quickly grabbing her keys, she strongly suggested to me how and who to vote- for the sake of our children. (She has two kids, I had and still have zero). I was in shock. I barely heard her next words because I was in a daze- if I remember correctly, she was leaving work early to get to the polls before traffic became a beast. When I snapped out of it, she was gone.

Out of everything we had in common, I had just received confirmation that we had two VERY different political views. I could see the passion in her words, eyes and voice- something tells me if I told her I was on the opposite side of that political coin, we may have a strain in our friendship.

So I did the only smart thing I could think of; keep quiet. It was a good thing that she never texted me to see who/how I voted that night. The next morning at work, we were too busy with proposals to discuss our opinions regarding the election. Thankfully.

I’m pretty sure it was around that time that I finally realized my loved ones are going to have  opinions and feelings that differ from mine. It is inevitable.

After experiencing such a strong ‘wake up’ call with my friend, I made a decision to avoid conversations of Politics, Religion and Abortion. Like the plague. Seriously- it’s just not worth it. I’ve witnessed several casual friendly gatherings starting off great but ending on a sour note- due to one of these topics. A few people have tried (rather hard) to get me to comment.  I respectfully state that I prefer to keep my opinion to myself for personal reasons. (People usually respect this statement). I think its better to keep your own opinion private and avoid any heated conversations 🙂

Until next time xo-cmm


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