[humans resisting change]

I’ve been thinking a lot about CHANGE- and why most people hate it. Obviously if it comes in the form of a negative situation, I can see why we as humans automatically resist. My life has changed SO MUCH just within the last 5 or so years. I’m talking big changes- and yes they weren’t all pleasurable to endure. But my life freaking rocks right now and I find myself being thankful for all those crappy feelings and experiences.Maybe that’s a lesson in life; to go with the ups and downs all created because of Change. If all of our lives were perfect, how boring would that be? We wouldn’t get the opportunity to grow as individuals and test our strength.

I firmly believe the events that occur in our lives are meant to help us become the best form of ourselves. To learn and grow as humans. But with that, comes the realism of life that these events wont all be wonderful to live and experience.


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