…they suck. Do you know anyone who springs out of bed on a Monday morning happy as a clam? Ya- me neither.

I’m going to pre-warn you; this post is not going to be a positive one. I’m in a shit mood and can’t wait to get to bed tonight. I’m not having a bad day- its actually an alright kind of day. But its my mood that’s bothering me. Its like I’m on the edge of being pissed off lol. But now that I think about it, I am highly irritated with morning’s weigh in. THREE pounds up this past weekend and its my fault. Wine, cookies, pizza, bread- yep I had lots of that over the weekend. (Which I normally don’t do, but this weekend I allowed myself to be a normal human being and actually ENJOY FOOD over the weekend). I’ll be good this week and the scale will go back down but SHIT- this is a reminder to not indulge on the weekend otherwise you’ll look and feel like a stuffed sausage. I even exercised this weekend!

Maybe this is my introversion peeking through but being left alone for today sounds glorious. I’m finding almost everyone at work today to be annoying in one way or another. I’m trying to be calm but am beginning to think my mood is just too foul today. I plan to exercise soon, eat dinner, shower and climb into bed with hopes for a better attitude tomorrow.

This post is confirmation and proof that some days are bad and some days are good, with a shitty attitude!

Signing off for today xo cmm


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