[the longest nap]

And just like that- I arise from my 2+ month nap.

The past 6+ weeks I have been running a ton, eating way too much frozen yogurt and managed to get the flu- knocking me down for 10+ days. Let’s re-cap:In early May, I experienced horrible digestive issues making it impossible to take a shit for 6 days. You read that correctly- SIX DAYS. After extensive testing and switching to a paleo diet- I am now crapping regularly and refraining from grains, flour, gluten and fried foods. My doctor explained I should feel my best when I stick to lean meats and veggies- which I have found to be 110% true. Every now and then I’ll cave which I instantly regret once my stomach starts to rumble then bloat with gas. Ezekiel bread has been a lifesaver because it cures my carb cravings without putting me in the fetal position with stinky gas. Ironically, my gluten free frozen yogurt doesn’t bother me at all 😉 Some treats are just meant to be lol.

In mid-May, I woke up from a nightmare in a full blown panic attack- not really knowing which way was up or down. My symptoms included: racing heart, sweaty hands, trouble breathing and intense worries about the future. I remember expressing to C that if he didn’t take me to the emergency room, he would be planning my funeral with my family the following day. (Sounds a little dramatic- but in that moment I believed everything I felt to a raw and deep manner). For the first time in my life, I was petrified to fall asleep. C was my hero- he helped me concentrate on my breathing which ultimately calmed my body and rapid heart rate. He held me close and rubbed my back. After what felt like forever- I finally fell asleep and was shocked/grateful when I opened my eyes in the morning. I hope to never experience a panic/anxiety attack again.

Apparently May wasn’t my month- by Monday 5/23, I felt the sharp knife-like stabbing in my throat followed by excess saliva while trying to sleep. The next morning I had a headache, earache, body aches, fever, chills and NO appetite. I stayed in bed from Tuesday 5/24 – Saturday 5/27 until I forced myself to grab lunch with my girlfriends that had been planned for about 1.5 months. Although I had fun, it was a mistake for me to go out before my body was ready. I came home Saturday afternoon and stayed in bed until Monday 5/29. Although I went back to work on Tuesday 5/30, it still took until the weekend for me to feel normal again. Throughout the duration of my flu I lost about 3 pounds, watched about 15 movies and was sick of even the sight of my bed. I am thankful to be feeling healthy and running/exercising again 🙂

Sadly, one of my best friends (whom I consider a sister), moved to Hawaii with her husband for his job. Even though she previously lived in Yuma, she still visited San Diego on a monthly basis. I will miss our Saturday morning coffee dates each month. Maybe we will go visit her in the next year or so 🙂

Taking some time off was definitely needed due to the above- and I’m back!


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