[seattle + bothell]

A couple of weeks ago, we went to visit Colby’s mom/family in Washington. It was a quick trip and so good to see everyone ­čÖé

We flew into Seattle, where Robin and Anthony picked us up from the airport. We had lunch at Pikes Market Place followed by a visit to the original Starbucks. Who knew that Starbucks had a different logo/sign? Not me lol. We rode on the ferris wheel, which was probably my favorite part of the whole trip.


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[humans resisting change]

I’ve been thinking a lot about CHANGE- and why most people hate it. Obviously if it comes in the form of a negative situation, I can see why we as humans automatically┬áresist. My life has changed SO MUCH just within the last 5 or so years. I’m talking big changes- and yes they weren’t all pleasurable to endure. But my life freaking rocks right now and I find myself being thankful for all those crappy feelings and experiences.Read More »