[ET:ANE 1]

Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth – Entry 1

Already really enjoying this book- some initial quotes based on my current progress.

 This books main purpose is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind- or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken. Pg. 6

Driven by greed, ignorant of then connectedness to the whole, humans persist  in behavior that, if continued unchecked, can only result in their own destruction. Pg. 11

Fear, greed and the desire for power are the psychological motivating forces of incessant conflict in personal relationships. They bring about a distortion in your perception of other people and your self. Through them, you misinterpret every situation, leading to misguided action designed to rid you of fear and satisfy your need for more – a bottomless hole that can never be filled. Pg. 12Read More »

[great expectations]

My grandfather turns 80 tomorrow. Prior to him being ‘elderly,’ he has often been known for repeating himself. Stories, phrases, quotes etc. One of my favorite quotes he drilled into my head is:
 ‘Try not to expect anything from anyone. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll even get a few bonuses.’
Although I understand this quote to ring true in almost every single situation, I find myself questioning it for all the ‘planners’ in the world – people similar to me.
What happens when you make a Dr. appointment that is cancelled at the last minute? Are we supposed have an ‘oh well’ mentality because ‘don’t sweat the small stuff?’
In social circumstances, if an agreement is made between two people out of respect…and is broken by person A – how does Person B not get offended? The above quote is understandable – but when do you stand up for yourself (and your time) in an effort to not have it be wasted and/or disrespected?
There was a point in my life where I was far more relaxed; planning anything was last minute and I didn’t really care the outcome. And it started to show. In ALL aspects of my life. Today, I am the exact opposite and find that choosing to life this way comes with anxiety. Stress comes from giving a shit.
But I love being organized! I love my little planner 🙂 Organized individuals who make agenda/packing/grocery lists with detailed calendars have their lives together. They finish projects. They respect themselves therefore they respect others….
On the down side, they can sometimes be anal, on edge, wound up and not being able to sit still.
How do we know when to live an organized routine vs. going with the flow? It’s not surprising how dogs and young children need routine and balance. At what point do you stop (or start) living in such a manner that will impact your overall well-being? Is it all part of the Type A vs. Type B personality thread? 
As much as I’d love to 100% not expect anything in life, I am still realistic.
I’ll expect to get a pimple during my next period. 
I’ll expect to eventually trip and fall while running.
I’ll expect the need to fart after enjoying my next frozen yogurt treat….you know 😉
These kind of topics are what keep me pondering while wide awake at 4am.
Happy Friday!